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Roads for Life on the platform of the UN ESCWA

13 October 2015

Roads for Life president, Zeina Kassem, delivered a speech at the Third United Nations Global Road Safety Week 2015, ESCWA Regional Workshop on Road Safety, at the UN House in Beirut on the 28th of May.

Kassem shared a panel with Dr. Yarob Badr from the ESCWA and Professor Ramzi Salameh from USJ University.

Kassem's intervention took in charge Road Victims and Post Trauma Care Culture under the headline of Social Learning on Road Safety.
In her discourse, Roads for Life president shed the light on the high rates of deaths and disabilities in the Middle East region, urging the Lebanese government to host the Third Global High-Level Conference on Road Safety in 2016.
Kassem also expressed Roads for Life’s commitment to spread the trauma culture in Lebanon for young emerging doctors, nurses, paramedics and officials.

Moreover, Zeina Kassem stressed on the importance of the neglected pillar 5 of the Global Plan for the decade of action for Road Safety 2011-2020. She insisted on the necessity of international mobilization towards the latter pillar.

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