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Roads for Life makes rescue sessions available to traffic police in Lebanon

17 June 2015

Roads for Life President Zeina Kassem announced that the rescue and training sessions sponsored by the association will soon be available to Internal Security Forces (ISF) traffic units in Lebanon.

Following a visit to Interior Minister Nohad Mashnouq, Kassem emphasized the serious approach adopted by the Ministry with regard to implementing the new traffic law and making rescue training sessions available to ISF traffic policemen, which are usually the first to be on the scene of accidents and to come into contact with the victims.

“We held a meeting with the officer in charge of the ISF Institute upon the Interior minister’s request. We are currently reviewing the training sessions, which the Institute gives to ISF members and their method of training their trainers on the most advanced rescue techniques,” Kassem said.

Kassem’s statement was made following the graduation of 16 physicians having completed the training session destined to ER physicians, and 20 nurses who completed the session destined to nursing staff members from the following hospitals : AUBMC, the Aleppo University Hospital, the Kesserwan Medical Center, the Tripoli Governmental Hospital, the Rafik Hariri Governmental Hospital, the Saïda Governmental Hospital, Dar al-Shifa Hospital, al-Nini Hospital, al- Rasoul al-Aazam Hospital, the Arab University Hospital, the West Bekaa Governmental Hospital, al-Maqassed Hospital, Saint Georges Ajaltoun Hospital, the Labib Medical Center, al-Ihya’ Specialized Hospital, Hammoud Hospital and al-Zahra Hospital, in addition to Doctors without Borders and the Lebanese Armed Forces. These sessions were held in collaboration with the AUBMC.

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