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Roads for Life Donation to Lebanese Red Cross

1 September 2016

The Lebanese Red Cross (LRC) received from Roads for Life (RFL) a donation consisting of 24 training-only cardiac defibrillators offered by Mrs. Hala Salha.
On this occasion, a delegation headed by RFL President Zeina Kassem and RFL Secretary General Roni Alpha Mrs. Hala Hachache visited the LRC EMS headquarters in Hazmieh, and was welcomed by Rosy Boulos, head of EMS, EMS Director Abdallah Zgheib and members of EMS teams.
Kassem delivered an address, stressing the role of the LRC as a national and humanitarian guarantee and emphasizing the continuous cooperation between the two associations in order to spread the rescue culture. Boulos, in turn, thanked RFL for its constant support of EMS teams in terms of equipment and training.