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12th PHTLS Course sponsored by BLC Bank

29 May 2015

Zeina Kassem: International trend to support Lebanon in providing speedy and efficient trauma care

Following her participation in an international meeting held in Geneva, Roads for Life President Zeina Kassem revealed that the international community is inclined to support Lebanon “in providing speedy and efficient trauma medical care.”

Kassem had taken part last week in the meeting of the meeting of the Global Alliance for Care of the Injured as a founding member. This alliance will allow Roads for Life to participate in the General Assembly of the World Health organization (WHO), the largest UN health watchdog.

“Rescue services in Lebanon have evolved during the past few years; yet not all citizens in Lebanon have access to the right to surgery and treatment,” Kassem noted. “The international community has classified Lebanon among the countries that need support in order to provide speedy and efficient trauma medical care,” she said.

On another level, Roads for Life delivered in Bethania – Harissa certificates to a new batch of 24 Lebanese Red Cross volunteers within various sectors across Lebanonwho underwent a training session on the PHTLS program.

This new batch has allowed Roads for Life to achieve an objective it had set to itself in 2011, namely to train 300 Lebanese Red Cross EMS volunteers who support 300 EMS teams within the organization.

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