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“Crossing” by Zeina Kassem – Available Online

21 April 2016

Extract from “Crossing” by Zeina Kassem

"On that sad morning in October, Talal left very quietly as was customary of him.
This time, he wore a beautiful smile, and left to meet the stars.
His mother, Zeina, decided to change this pain, that has no name, to a road map for life.
This book is an effective witness of the story of a woman who learned to befriend pain and cross, in the best way possible, the banks of her river of mourning.
Every page in this book carries with care Zeina's courage and Talal's strength.
Together they will save lives on Lebanon's roads.
On that morning in October, Talal was alive; today his life is an impossibility."
- Christian Tawtal        

Roads for Life president, Zeina Kassem, signed on the 21st of April 2016 the English version of her book “Crossing” at Librairie Antoine, Beirut Souks.

“Crossing”, “La Traversée” is now available online:
La Traversée