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Zeina Kassem's Editorial

23 December 2016

Dear Partners in Life


Ever since Roads for Life was founded it took upon itself the responsibility to be wherever need be to save life in Lebanon.

It has put every effort to diversify its activities without neglecting its principal mission of training medical teams doctors, nurses and paramedics offering the most advanced courses in trauma care .RFL has succeeded at establishing and applying those courses for more than five years now with the cooperation of the American College of Surgeons (ACS) in Chicago, The Society of Trauma Nurses (NAEMT) , and the unremitting efforts of the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC), and in particular, the office of continuing medical education with all its team of doctors and administrators.

Our year was a year of abundant achievements.

We continued to cover cost for all the Lebanese Red Cross (LRC) training courses addressed to Red Cross members, including emergency doctors, nursing teams without any discrimination between areas, sects, institutions whether public or private.

We were backed by our strategic partners i.e. Fransabank, Bank Audi, BLC Bank, plus the efforts of many other institutions that helped sponsor many activities for this year.

The Lebanese Army occupies a big space in the conscience of RFL. We provided for more than 300 soldiers, spread on all fighting fronts, 300 emergency kits that help stabilize the condition of a casualty on battle field while waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

This noble national goal could not have been achieved without the invaluable support of the Spanish Ambassador in Lebanon H.E. Milagros Hernando Echivarria whose country provided 50 emergency kits through the Spanish Ministry of Defense.

I am happy to inform you that “First Responder” courses dedicated to the Internal Security forces will start in January of 2017 and will move on to include Motorcyclists, members of the police who reach the site of the accident before anyone else.


This year we organized a concert at the Unesco Palace under the auspices of the former Minister of Culture, H.E. Roni Arayji, featuring our ambassador, the international artist Ms. Abeer Nehme who was accompanied by the Beirut Symphony Orchestra under the conductor maestro Loubnan Baalbaki.

On this occasion, I seize the opportunity to wholeheartedly thank all those who helped make the concert a great success be it through their presence, or sponsorship.

I would like to single out Bankmed, Omnipharma, Ksara, and the Walid Bin Talal Humanitarian foundation headed by H.E. Mrs. Leila El Solh Hamade.



The culture of saving lives took us to India where Roads for Life was invited to share its experience in Lebanon in the 3rd World Trauma Congress in New Delhi. In this congress we shared our experience in RFL where every conferee unanimously agreed that we should expand our services outside Lebanon.

Our experience was to prove that trauma should not mean death.

The Golden Period of Trauma took us to Cyprus where a group for Lebanese army soldiers and Lebanese Red Cross members were offered the “Train the Trainers Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC). We Hope to be able to extend this experience to our army through TCCC courses that shall be offered in Lebanon.


It is most definitely a year that bore many a fruit and we are impatiently waiting for the upcoming new year to expand our basket to yield more fruits. This is only made possible thanks to RFL team that has become an intertwined family that has made our wound, one possible to bear.


Happy holidays to you and your loved ones. May 2017 be a bright year for all.


Zeina Kassem


Roads for Life

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