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Zeina Kassem member of the National Road Safety Committee

2 December 2015

Roads for Life President Zeina Kassem asserted that the newly-started meetings of the National Road Safety Committee represent a major achievement with regard to the implementation of the new traffic law in Lebanon. 
The priorities of the said committee include organizing the driving institutes in Lebanon. For more than fifteen years now, this sector, she said, has been characterized by rampant chaos dating back to the civil war, adding that the same holds true for the sector of road traffic experts. 
The number of driving institutes has greatly expanded, albeit with dire consequences in many cases. These institutes have taken to selling driving licenses without any control whatsoever given the lack of any criteria and laws to determine the conditions needed for the establishment of such institutes. This goes without mentioning the tremendous increase in the number of road traffic experts who do not abide by the conditions needed for this trade. 
According to Kassem, Interior Minister Nohad al-Mashnouq has initiated the actual execution phase of the new traffic law implementation mechanism by boosting the readiness of rehabilitation and training centers in cooperation with the Directorate General of Technical and Vocational Education. These centers will soon be available in all six Mohafaza in Lebanon. 
In conclusion, Kassem stressed the need to curb the number of traffic accidents in Lebanon thanks to the cooperation of the National Road Safety Council and the National Road Safety Committee, in addition to the daily follow-up by the country’s security forces in order to implement all decisions issued in this respect.