Roads For Life and Fransabank Distributes Kits to the Lebanese Armed Forces

In 2019, Roads For Life has trained an additional 40 LAF soldiers in Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) at Hamat Special Forces School in partnership with Fransabank. This amounts to a total of 150 special forces instructors have been trained in TCCC. In April, Roads For Life took part in a ceremony in which they distributed 120 individual first aid kits to the LAF.

Roads For Life believes that just as Lebanese citizens are entitled to safety and proper post trauma care, all Lebanese soldiers should have the same quality of care. The theoretical and practical skills Roads For Life provides in TCCC are supplemented by the use of specific equipment such as tourniquets and compression bandages. The proper training this prevents wounds from progressing to to fatal injuries.

Roads for Life pledges to keep supporting the training program with the Lebanese Army in keeping with the guidelines and criteria set by its Command in order to face the security challenges that require a state of permanent readiness in terms of life-saving techniques.

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