Lebanon: 5th Middle Eastern country to adopt ATLS® 10th edition and 3rd to adopt ATCN 8th edition

After 8 years of providing ATLS® to emergency doctors in Lebanon, Roads For Life is implementing the 10th edition of ATLS® and 8th edition of ATCN. This makes Lebanon is the 5th Middle Eastern country to adopt the 10th edition of the program for ER doctors and the 3rd to adopt the 8th edition of the program for nurses. The latest guidelines and protocols taught in the courses build upon 40 years of trauma education. This could not be possible without the strategic partnership with Bank Audi and Fransabank. Roads For Life is proud to continue improving its level of trauma care education. This confirms that Roads For Life is committed to keeping up with the culture of rescue with all its evidence based practice.

In 2019, 2 sessions of the ATLS® and ATCN courses have been provided, with a total of 30 registered ER physicians and 35 registered nurses participating in it. The courses took place at the American University of Beirut (AUB) Nursing School and participants received certificates upon completion. The graduating class came from a range of 13 different hospitals throughout Lebanon such as St. Georges Hadath, Kessrrwan Medical Center, Lebanese Italian Hospital, Notre Dame du Liban, Bellevue Medical Center, The Lebanese Armed Forces, the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC), Mount Lebanon Hospital, Bahman Hospital, Borgi Hospital, Makassed Hospital, Rassoul Al Azazem Hospital, Hamshari Hosptial, Al Borj Hospital, and Ragheb Harb Hospital.

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